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HuddleUp will post topics that inspire lively conversations and friendly debates in the Slack channel of your choosing.
Pick a Channel
Get your team talking in any channel from #marketing to #engineering. Or create a dedicated #watercooler-moments channel.
Choose Your Topics
Browse from a selection of watercooler topics we know will get the conversation going, or create your own.
Chat in Channel
Combat Zoom fatigue and include teammates working in various time zones with asynchronous conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are watercooler chats?

HuddleUp Watercooler chats are informal conversations that take place among colleagues, typically in a casual setting such as around the water cooler or in the break room. These conversations can be an opportunity for employees to connect and build relationships and can be a helpful way to exchange ideas and information.

Why are watercooler chats important for my workplace?

HuddleUp Watercooler chats can be an important part of building a positive work culture and promoting team cohesion. They can provide an opportunity for employees to connect and build relationships with their colleagues, which can lead to increased collaboration and teamwork. With HuddleUp watercooler chats, you can get started in minutes and boost employee engagement.

Are there any potential drawbacks to watercooler chats?

While watercooler chats can be a positive and helpful part of the work environment, it's important to be mindful of the potential for gossip or unproductive conversations. Encouraging employees to be respectful and mindful of their colleagues' time can help to minimize these potential drawbacks. With HuddleUp watercooler chats, you need not worry about unproductive chats as we have curated our chats very carefully.

How can I start HuddleUp watercooler chat in my workplace?

It's simple, you just have to add HuddleUp app to your workspace on slack & add the channel where you want to start Watercooler chats & done. HuddleUp will be sending the Watercooler topic on that channel at your desired frequency to initiate conversations.

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