You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best.
~Steve Jobs

Celebrate wins
& motivate the squad

Appreciate your peers in the daily flow of work & spread positivity. Get a leaderboard, tag values, and give rewards.

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Build a value-driven culture
Recognize great work and highlight team achievements in public and private channels. Spread the joy & build stronger relationships with our fun, unique currency of donuts.
  • Step 1:
    Add HuddleUp to your Slack workspace & then add to Channels.
  • Step 2:
    While sending out to a message to appreciate someone, just tag their name & add an emoji of donut :doughnut:
  • Step 3:
    That’s it! Let your team have fun with leader -boards & rewards.
Peer-to-Peer recognition, done the right way!
With Live Activity & Leaderboards, let your team enjoy friendly banters & competition of
giving & receiving Donuts & drive the true spirit of positive feedback.
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Icon Users Love us
Build your custom rewards
With a way to let you redeem donuts against custom rewards, give them moments to celebrate & spread positivity.
Improve team’s morale,
see the benefits

Without HuddleUp

  • Employees don’t know how meaningful their work is

  • No clear method for giving recognition or positive feedback

  • Seeing employee impact based on team feedback is difficult

With HuddleUp

  • Teammates feel motivated because they get recognition and feedback

  • A simple to use flow for giving recognition and for celebrating wins

  • Leaderboard and tools that facilitate giving rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the appreciation of employees critical?

Appreciating employees is essential because it helps to foster a positive work environment and improve employee engagement, motivation, and productivity. When employees feel appreciated and valued, they are more likely to be motivated to do their best work and contribute to the success of the organization.

How to keep the employees motivated using HuddleUp?

Ways in which HuddleUp can help in keeping your employees motivated:

  1. Provide clear goals and expectations using Action items
  2. Offer opportunities for growth and development by providing constant feedback
  3. Recognize and reward good performance using company values

What are some ways to recognize and award an employee?

Some of the employee recognition programs offered by HuddleUp are - Peer-to-peer recognition, Special recognition events, Personalized rewards, Professional development opportunities, and more. Overall, it is important to find ways to recognize and reward employees that are meaningful and relevant to them and that align with the values and culture of your organization. With features like Kudos, cool #hashtagvalues, and a fun leaderboard, HuddleUp helps you in achieving the same.

What are some common challenges to employee recognition?

Some common challenges to employee recognition include a lack of resources, a lack of awareness of employee achievements, and a lack of understanding of what employees value as rewards. HuddleUp can play a significant role in building a culture of appreciation and recognition in your organization.

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