Celebrate wins & motivate the squad

Appreciate your peers in the daily flow of work & spread positivity. Get a leaderboard, tag values, and give rewards.

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HuddleUp is a leader in Employee Engagement on G2
Build a values-driven culture
Recognize great work and highlight team achievements in public and private channels. Spread the joy & build stronger relationships with our fun, unique currency… 🍩 Donuts!
How it works
Step 1: Add HuddleUp to Slack.
Step 2: Include donut emojis in your messages to show praise, appreciation, or to just simply put a smile on someone’s face.
Step 3: Watch your team come closer together.

Discover the greatness of your team

Activity feeds reveal all the great things happening on your team


Activate leaderboards for some friendly competition and see who’s giving and receiving the most donuts

Create special moments by giving fun gifts
For truly special occasions give someone on of your unlocked gifts to let them know you really care. You’ll unlock virtual gifts as you hit new achievements.

Celebrate with Rewards

Celebrating as at team or individual is a healthy and fun activity we often forget to do. Now your team will celebrate more when they redeem their donuts for your custom rewards.

Bring company values to life
Make giving donuts matter more by tagging them with company values, initiatives, or anything else you can think of.
Improve team’s morale, see the benefits



  • Employees don’t know how meaningful their work is

  • No clear method for giving recognition or positive feedback

  • Seeing employee impact based on team feedback is difficult



  • Teammates feel motivated because they get recognition and feedback

  • A simple to use flow for giving recognition and for celebrating wins

  • Leaderboard and tools that facilitate giving rewards