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Uncover quick, meaningful, and frequent employee sentiment insights to prevent burnout & reduce attrition.

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Still working with ad-hoc pulse surveys & struggling to drive response rates? Get over them

We've got an automated chatbot solution for you!
Hold conversations that just work (92% response rate)
With intelligent, evidence-based conversations triggered through an AI chatbot, drive high response rates & build a continuous loop of feedback & growth
Get real-time actionable insights
Cut through the noise & identify the key sentiments & engagement drivers that really matter with our AI to support your team's wellbeing. Stay updated with auto-alerts to ensure you don't miss a thing
Take data-driven actions that matter
Empower your Managers with the right team-level insights to hold impactful 1-on-1s & plan initiatives. Measure the impact of each action plan & see what's really working
Conversational experiences
Say Goodbye to Boring Surveys & Unfriendly Workplaces
Know your people
Hold personalised conversations to make it relatable & easy to interact. Hear their opinions & make them feel connected
Get Accurate Insights
AI based system to ensure transparency & eliminate biased actions. No more prejudices to hamper people growth
Auto-schedule Meet-ups
Get to know the people with their concerns. System scheduled meetups with pre-defined discussion points
Promote Growth
Give everyone a support coach experience via personalized nudges, advice & tips. Help them improve & grow
Predict Attrition
Know about your unhappy employees via intelligent insights. Take corrective actions before it’s too late
Spread Love
Build a great work culture that promotes collaboration. Make everyone contribute to it
Understand the entire employee experience and increase wellbeing & performance

for Employees

Personalized Conversations

AI-driven personalized check-ins to share their honest feedback about work experiences

Continuous Feedback

Support through the entire employee lifecycle, right from onboarding to exit with personal milestones


A safe space to encourage open & honest feedback to drive change

For Managers/HR Leaders

Real-time Pulse

Know the overall engagement scores across key metrics in real-time with sentiment analysis, potential hotspots, heatmaps & custom cohorts

Productive 1-on-1s

Hold impactful 1-on-1s with pre-set agenda, suggested talking points, centralised notes & trackable action items

Action Planning

Drive action-oriented initiatives of the basis of team feedback with personalised recommended quick wins

Employee-Manager Messaging

Respond to written feedback on your own or with the help of in-app guidance. Employees can choose to remain anonymous or not

Custom Polls

Get feedback on your custom areas to dig deeper on specific issues, or choose from dozens of expert-built templates

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