You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best.
~Steve Jobs

Understand what your team
actually feels

Uncover quick, meaningful, and frequent employee sentiment insights to prevent burnout & reduce attrition.

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Still working with ad-hoc pulse surveys & struggling to drive response rates? Get over them

We’ve got an automated chatbot solution for you!
Hold conversations that work! (92% response rate)
With intelligent, evidence-based conversations triggered through an AI chatbot, drive high response rates & build a continuous loop of feedback & growth
Get real time actionable insights
Cut through the noise & identify the key sentiments & engagement drivers that really matter with our AI to support your team’s wellbeing. Stay updated with auto-alerts to ensure you don’t miss a thing
Take data-driven actions that matter.
Empower your Managers with the right team-level insights to hold impactful 1-on-1s & plan initiatives. Measure the impact of each action plan & see what’s really working
Say goodbye to boring surveys and unfriendly workplaces.
Know your people
Hold personalised conversations to make it relatable & easy to interact. Hear their opinions & make them feel connected.
Get Accurate Insights
AI based system to ensure transparency & eliminate biased actions. No more prejudices to hamper people growth
Promote Growth
Give everyone a support coach experience via personalized nudges, advice & tips. Help them improve & grow
Predict Attrition
Know about your unhappy employees via intelligent insights. Take corrective actions before it’s too late
Auto-schedule need-ups
Get to know the people with their concerns. System scheduled meetups with pre-defined discussion points
Spread Love
Build a great work culture that promotes collaboration. Make everyone contribute to it
Understand the entire employee experience and improve their wellbeing and performance.
For Employees
For Managers/HR Leaders

Real time pulse

Build team rituals with automated weekly check-ins to understand your team experiences

Productive 1-on-1s

Hold impactful 1-on-1s with pre-set agenda, suggested talking points, centralised notes & trackable action items

Action Planning

Drive action-oriented initiatives of the basis of team feedback with personalised recommended quick wins

Employee-Manager Messaging

Respond to written feedback on your own or with the help of in-app guidance. Employees can choose to remain anonymous or not

Custom Polls

Get feedback on your custom areas to dig deeper on specific issues, or choose from dozens of expert-built templates

Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure engagement for employees?

You can measure employee engagement using HuddleUp's engagement surveys, 1-on-1s, and track metrics such as productivity, turnover, or employee satisfaction.

What is net promoter score employee or e-NPS?

Employee Net Promoter Score (e-NPS) is a similar measure that is used to gauge the satisfaction and loyalty of employees within an organization. To calculate e-NPS, organizations typically survey employees and ask them to rate their likelihood to recommend the organization as a place to work on a scale from 0 to 10. With HuddleUp's AI-driven pulse check-ins you can determine e-NPS and keep tracking its trend.

What are employee pulse surveys?

Employee pulse surveys are short, frequent surveys that are used to gather real-time feedback from employees on a wide range of topics. These surveys are designed to provide a snapshot of employee sentiment at a particular point in time. HuddleUp helps to know the nerve of your employees with features like AI-driven pulse check-ins and custom surveys.

How often should employee pulse surveys be conducted?

The frequency of employee pulse surveys can vary depending on the needs and goals of the organization. Some organizations may conduct pulse surveys monthly or quarterly, while others may conduct them more frequently. HuddleUp recommends you conduct Pulse Check-in every month to keep tabs on your team's pulse.

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