You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best.
~Steve Jobs

Get employee feedback on anything & everything with Custom Surveys

Give your people a voice by capturing their feedback through custom polls & surveys delivered right to their inbox

Give your people a voice by capturing their feedback through custom polls & surveys delivered right to their inbox

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Customize your employee survey that gets you straight to the heart of the matter and lets you take quick action.

  • Get any answers you want

    Design your own questions from the scratch or start with our pre-curated templates.
  • Give flexibility to managers

    Now managers can launch custom surveys to dig into topics specific to their teams
  • Analyze & Act

    With rich visualizations & reporting, build a report card for your next initiative.

Advantages of HuddleUp custom survey: Product Insights

You’ll see your organization thriving when employees are satisfied at their workplace…

Frequently Asked Questions

What are customized employee surveys?

HuddleUp Customized employee surveys are surveys that are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of an organization, to further deep dive into issues. These surveys can be used to gather a wide range of information, including feedback on work processes, job satisfaction, and overall engagement.

How can customized employee surveys be used effectively?

To use HuddleUp customized employee surveys effectively, it's important to clearly define the goals and objectives of the survey, and to carefully design the questions to gather the desired information. It's also important to ensure that the survey is being administered to a representative sample of employees and to provide adequate incentives for employees to complete the survey.

What are some potential challenges of customized employee surveys?

One potential challenge of customized employee surveys is getting a high response rate. Another potential challenge is ensuring that the survey is anonymous and confidential, which can be important for encouraging honest and candid responses. HuddleUp Custom Surveys always have an option to be anonymous so that you can gather honest feedback along with the nudges to drive the desired response rates.


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