You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best.
~Steve Jobs

Develop your skills with constructive,
actionable & insightful feedback anytime you want

Coach your people by sharing & requesting feedback with your peers and help them succeed in their roles

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It’s easier than you think to create a culture of open & frequent feedback that drives meaningful change.

Improved performance of your team

Share honest feedback regularly to help your peers be a better version of themselves

Get timely feedback without hesitation

Gathering feedback for employees who may not be comfortable doing it in person can be a great way to improve their skills & relations

Give your HR the most needed break they deserve

The simple self-service approach eliminates the need for HRs to constantly initiate the process – giving power back to individuals to self-manage themselves

Extensive feedback areas to choose from

Give employees the option to be specific with the relevant skillsets required for the job Select the feedback area from our science-backed pre-curated competencies and share it with your peers.

Request feedback from the right people

Empower employees to choose their reviewers by sending them feedback requests. They can give direct feedback on who they want to take action on it.

Know your strengths & areas of improvement

Curated from all the feedback you received, get concluded insights of areas in your favor and the ones which need improvements

Feedback Analytics

In-depth insights make it easy to manage a feedback program, driving accountability and creating better communication among peers. Never lose time waiting for feedback to trickle in.
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