You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best.
~Steve Jobs

Strengthen team relations
with meaningful 1-on-1s

Improve communication, productivity and team engagement by scheduling frequent personalized 1-on-1’s.

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1-on-1s are a great way for managers to connect with their teams regularly.

These help them to exchange feedback, uncover issues & build great relationships.

  • Prepare for better conversations

    Collaborate on your agenda with talking points to address the key topics from both participants.
  • Follow up on shared actions

    Create shared action items to track the to-dos post one-on-one meetings & follow up on the progress
  • Nudge to drive more 1-on-1s

    Track 1-on-1s happening in the organization & nudge managers with a friendly reminder to ensure regular conversations
That '1-on-1 meeting platform'
you never had before…

Integration with Google Calendar

Now schedule meetings directly from Slack that reflect on your calendar instantly

Come prepared for the meeting

Get the most out of the 1-on-1s and make it a two-way dialogue

Stay Organized

Get an in-depth understanding and key action items from past One-on-One meetings and act upon it

1-on-1 meeting templates

Have difficult discussions with your employees by asking the right questions. You can either make them from scratch or with our pre-drafted templates.

Track the status of 1-on-1 meetings

Keep a check on the managers who are conducting 1-on-1 regularly and nudge those who are not. Just with a simple click!
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5 common mistakes during 1-on-1 meetings

Feedback and workplace culture are two key ingredients for any organization’s success…

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are 1-on-1s important?

HuddleUp 1-on-1s are an important tool for building relationships and improving communication between employees and managers. They can provide an opportunity for employees to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns, and can help managers to better understand their employees' needs and goals.

How often should 1-on-1s be scheduled?

The frequency of HuddleUp 1-on-1s can vary depending on the needs and preferences of the individuals involved. Some managers may schedule weekly 1-on-1s, while others may schedule them every other week or monthly.

What should be discussed in a 1-on-1?

1-on-1s are an opportunity for employees to discuss any concerns, challenges, or ideas they may have with their manager. They can also be used to discuss progress on projects, set goals, and provide feedback. HuddleUp 1-on-1s comes with templates to help you conduct structured & meaningful 1-on-1.

Who should lead the 1-on-1?

In most cases, the manager or supervisor will lead the 1-on-1. However, some organizations may allow employees to take the lead in the conversation, with the manager playing a more supportive role.

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